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What's Wiki Explore?

Ever wondered what stories are hidden in the streets you walk down every day, or what historical events unfolded in the places you visit? Wiki Explore puts Wikipedia on the map—quite literally! We’re here to switch up how you discover information by linking Wikipedia articles to locations on a beautifully crafted map. It’s a whole new way to explore, whether you're far from home or in your own backyard.

Technology and Features

Imagine a map that's more than just directions. With Wiki Explore, every pin on the map is a gateway to stories and images from Wikipedia, all presented with an old-world charm that feels both new and familiar. Our map, powered by Mapbox, lets you click on locations to pop up photos, a sneak peek of the Wikipedia article, and links to dive deeper if you wish. We’ve got clustering to keep things tidy and a neat dropdown to explore multiple articles in one spot.

Design With a Dash of Nostalgia

Our design mimics a map spread out on a table, with enough space to shuffle around and make room for discoveries. It's about capturing the thrill of tracing the routes on an old, tactile map but in a digital form that brings global knowledge to your fingertips.

Get Involved

Wiki Explore is a living project, growing and improving with contributions from folks like you. Whether you’ve spotted a glitch, have a feature idea, or just want to help out, we’d love to see you on our GitHub. No formalities, just jump in and start making a difference.

What’s Next?

We're dreaming big—more languages, more articles, and more maps. We're working towards making Wiki Explore accessible to everyone, no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Drop Us a Line

Got questions or just want to chat about maps and history? Hit up Daan van Ramshorst or Casper Kessels directly on our Github, or join the conversation there. We’re all ears!